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NGA Glass Conference: Interactive Online Event

NGA Interactive Online Glass Conference

NGA Glass Conference 2020 is underway with a record pre-registration count of nearly 500. The conference runs through Thursday and it’s not too late to register! Members and non-members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Schedule (Subject to Change)

10:30am - 3:00pm
Tuesday, July 28

10:30 am ET: Log in to Zoom / Pre-Conference Networking

11:00 am ET: State of the Association, presented by Nicole Harris, NGA President & CEO

11:15 am ET: World of Glass (1.0 AIA LU) - sponsored by Infinite Recycled Technologies
Learn how the COVID-19 health and economic crisis has affected float glass manufacturing around the globe. Get insights on production changes, market trends and the manufacturing outlook. Presentation will also include a deep dive into NGA's World of Glass Map.


  • Bernard Savaete, BJS.Differences
  • Katy Devlin, Editor in Chief of Glass Magazine

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on the flat glass industry, as well as the broader glazing industry and related industries, including building and automotive, as well as suppliers and processors
  • Understand the global impact of COVID-19 on the GDP of countries
  • Interpret the influence of commodity indicators on global activities
  • Review indicators associated with building construction and the glass market

12:15 pm ET: Break

12:30 pm ET: The New Normal - Manufacturing (1.0 AIA LU)
COVID-19 has forced glass and glazing suppliers to change the way they operate, from the plant floor to the office. Learn how companies around the world have adapted; and hear best practices about addressing supply chain challenges, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, introducing digital processes and more.


  • Tim Zuerlein, Eastman Chemical Company
  • Marcus Bancroft, Vesuvius

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn best practices for addressing supply chain challenges
  • Identify best health and safety practices to contain the Coronavirus, prevent its spread and comply with privacy requirements
  • Discuss new practices for glass manufacturing workplaces in a COVID-19/post COVID-19 world
  • Discover new digital processes for glass manufacturing

1:15 pm ET: Break

1:30 pm ET: Smart and Sustainable Cities: the Turning Point - sponsored by VIG Technologies
The concept of smart and sustainable cities incorporates the use of technology to improve infrastructure, better response to inhabitant behavior, reduce resource consumption and increase the quality of the environment. Europe is at the forefront of implementing solutions to address such climate, economic and demographic challenges in urban areas using steps from the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI). Hear about the program and what lies ahead for North America.

Presenters: Alain Jardinet, AGC, Inc. and David Deal, AGC Glass North America

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamentals behind the global Smart & Sustainable Cities initiatives, driving forces and top priorities
  • Understand the significant changes occurring in North America and the opportunities they present
  • Provide insights into the future state: need for whole building calculations and assessment tools at the whole city
  • Discuss the revolutionary types of products that will be required to meet these upcoming requirements

2:15 pm ET: Break

2:30 pm: Advocacy Committee updates, including Advocacy Ambassador, Building Code Official Education and a review of COVID-19 Education topics.

3:15 pm: Daily Wrap-Up & Adjourn


10:30am - 3:00pm
Wednesday, July 29

10:30 am ET: Log in to Zoom / Pre-Conference Networking

11:00 am ET: The New Normal - Design & Construction (1.0 AIA LU|HSW) - sponsored by AGC Glass Company
What is the current state of building design and construction, and what are the opportunities for glass companies? Hear from a panel of industry representatives as they discuss the pre-pandemic versus current state of design and how the trajectory has changed. Challenges, market drivers, building segments to watch, trends in building design and job site considerations will all be discussed.


  • Domenic Cristofaro, HED Design
  • Joe Conover, Clark Construction
  • Liz Haggerty, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
  • Connor Leahy, ASSA ABLOY
  • Randal Froebelius, Equity ICI Real Estate Services, Inc.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify some key challenges and mitigation strategies in the current state of building design and construction
  • Discuss the COVID-19 mandated changes in the design of commercial buildings
  • Identify building trends seen as a result of COVID-19
  • Explain methods of design that address the need for separation while maintaining a sense of interaction and connection

12:00 pm ET: Break

12:15 pm ET: Nano Learning Sessions - sponsored by Guardian Glass
Hear quick 15-minute updates on NGA-developed content.

An Introduction to Security Glazing in Buildings (0.25 AIA LU|HSW), presented by Vaughn Schauss, Kuraray

  • Understand the methods of building for safety and security using glass products

Benefits to Daylighting in Building Design (0.25 AIA LU|HSW), presented by Aaron Thompson, Viracon

  • List the benefits of glass to human occupants

Key Strategies of Bird-Friendly Glazing (0.25 AIA LU|HSW), presented by Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass Co., Ltd.

  • Describe the mitigating effects of glass in bird-friendly glazing products

Key Principles for Protective Glazing in Buildings (0.25 AIA LU|HSW), presented by Vaughn Schauss, Kuraray

  • Define protective glazing products, and their performance and characteristics of different applications

1:15 pm ET: Troubleshooting for Glass Fabricators (1.0 AIA LU|HSW) - sponsored by Frameless Hardware Co. (FHC)
Learn how to investigate and address glass processing problems from a panel of leading experts. The session will present common challenges in glass tempering, insulating and laminating, and will offer best practices in identifying, addressing and preventing future defects.

This session is also ideal for new professionals to the industry.


  • Chris Barry, Glass Consultant
  • Mike Burk, Fenestration Fundamentals
  • Stan Joehlin, SW Joehlin Consultant
  • Bill Lingnell, Lingnell Consulting

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify glass processing and fabrication challenges
  • List best practices for identifying, mitigating and preventing blemishes
  • Examine glass and determine if issues are present
  • List best practices for machine maintenance and care

2:00 pm ET: Break

2:15 pm ET: A Digital Industry: from Factory to Jobsite (1.0 AIA LU)
The pandemic has accelerated the glass industry’s move to digitize and digitalize. Hear a panel of experts discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities in bringing digital processes to the factory floor, office, jobsite, sales meetings and more.


  • AJ Piscitelli, FeneTech
  • Brad Thurman, GGI
  • Jeff Sample, eSub

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the need to manage the flow of information from quote to installation
  • Plan for the digitalized flow of information from quote to installation
  • Identify the safety and health benefits of using digital tools
  • Recognize opportunities data provides firms in all segments of the supply chain

3:30 pm ET: Daily Wrap-Up & Adjourn

4:00 pm ET: Happy Hour and Conversation, hosted by the New Professionals
Stay online just a bit longer to join an informal happy hour for virtual networking and conversation with your fellow attendees!

10:30am - 3:00pm
Thursday, July 30

10:30 am ET: Log in to Zoom / Pre-Conference Networking

11:00 am ET: All About Glass: Architects' Top Questions Answered (1.0 AIA LU|HSW) - sponsored by Vitrum Glass
Does all glass need to be heat soaked? What is anisotropy? Do all railings require laminated glass? Tell us more about safety factors for guards. In this session, a panel of glass industry experts will respond to top questions from the design community.

This session is also ideal for new professionals to the industry.


  • Tom Culp, Birch Point Consulting and NGA technical codes consultant
  • Thom Zaremba, Roetzel & Andress and NGA technical codes consultant
  • Nick Resetar, Roetzel & Andress and NGA technical codes consultant
  • Urmilla Sowell, NGA Advocacy & Technical Director
  • Karen Wegert, NGA Advocacy & Technical Associate Director

Learning Objectives:

  • List applicable industry standards and building codes
  • Address the latest safety, security and protective glazing trends and applications
  • Understand when to use wired glass and other fire-rated glazing products
  • Outline acceptable industry practices related to anisotropy and heat soaking

11:45 am ET: Break

12:00 pm ET: Safety Glazing (1.0 AIA LU|HSW) - sponsored by Vitro Architectural Glass
This session will answer common questions about safety glazing, including test standards, labeling, certification, and quality control. Learn where safety glazing is required in buildings according to building codes and how to comply with federal regulations regarding recall procedures.


  • Urmilla Sowell, NGA Advocacy & Technical Director

Learning Objectives:

  • Define what constitutes safety glazing
  • List applicable test standards and building codes
  • Understand manufacturing quality control and certification requirements
  • Describe federal safety glazing regulations

12:45 pm ET: Break

1:00 pm ET: Glass & Glazing Technical and Codes Update (1.0 AIA LU|HSW) - sponsored by C.R. Laurence
Hear from NGA's technical and advocacy team on the need-to-know updates to energy and safety codes, as well as updates on what's happening at other standard-setting bodies including ASTM and ASHRAE, plus a summary of the technical work that's been accomplished by NGA's members volunteers over the past six month.

This session is also ideal for new professionals to the industry.


  • Tom Culp, Birch Point Consulting and NGA technical codes consultant
  • Thom Zaremba, Roetzel & Andress and NGA technical codes consultant
  • Nick Resetar, Roetzel & Andress and NGA technical codes consultant
  • Urmilla Sowell, NGA Advocacy & Technical Director
  • Karen Wegert, NGA Advocacy & Technical Associate Director

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand recent updates to commercial and residential energy and green building codes
  • Understand recent updates to fire, safety and structural building codes
  • Describe how the codes affect fenestration and glazing products
  • List recent updates to the glass and glazing standards that affect the industry

2:00 pm ET: Break

2:15 pm ET: Leveraging Leading Indicators in a Post COVID-19 World
The world was rocked by COVID-19 and collapsing energy prices during the first half of 2020 and many have learned that data leading indicators are invaluable in today’s post-black swan world. The construction industry has a lagging relationship to the macroeconomy at large, which gives attendees an opportunity to leverage the leading indicators and peek around the corner into tomorrow’s economy. This session will teach participants how to do exactly that.


  • Connor Lokar, ITR Economics

Learning Objectives:

  • Take attendees in depth through developing rates-of-change in their businesses
  • Explain what leading indicators are, how they function, and where they can be found
  • How to tie those to leading indicators to their indicators to their businesses
  • How to leverage these data points to drive and inform profit driving decisions

3:00 pm ET: Daily Wrap-Up & Adjourn

Reserve Your Seat Next to 230 Architects... and Counting!

Embracing the opportunity to reach a wider audience online, we have planned sessions beneficial to the entire glazing and glass building products supply chain – from glazing contractors to float glass manufacturers and everyone in between. We have accredited several of the sessions for AIA Learning Units (LUs)—a total of 9.5 LUs –and now has 230 architects and counting registered to attend. Many non-members and first-time attendees have been registering and we encourage more to participate.

“It’s exciting to have both our veteran attendees along with the first-timers and architects participating this year,” says Urmilla Sowell, NGA advocacy and technical director. “This makes for more robust discussions and interesting learning opportunities for all.”

Participants can anticipate an extra dose of educational content with opportunities to engage in live Q&A with presenters. 

Review FAQs for NGA's Glass Conference.

Read the news release regarding the transition of Glass Conference to an online event.


Contact Josh Lowe or Sara Neiswanger for registration assistance if needed.

Cancellation Policy

View the full policy and terms to understand the steps to request a refund.

1. Written cancellations received by NGA on or before July 24, 2020, registrants shall receive a full refund minus the $25 processing fee.

2. No refunds will be made after July 24, 2020.

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