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Market Intelligence

Lists (above) include Top Glass Fabricators, Top Metal Companies and Top Manufacturers

Researched by top editors and industry experts, the NGA’s market reports provide an in-depth look at the scope and health of each industry segment: float glass, glass fabrication, contract glazing, metal fabrication, and window and door manufacture.

NGA market resources

Top Company Lists

Our four leading market research programs provide critical industry performance data and information about the North American glass, glazing and fenestration markets. We survey industry companies to compile detailed statistics, sales, performance and trend information.

Top 50 Glaziers

These annual rankings present the largest contract glazing companies in the United States based on sales volume.

Top Glass Fabricators

Our trademark ‘who’s who’ report ranks glass fabricators by their gross sales for the year. Coverage includes the list, a snapshot of the market and projects.

Top Metal Companies

Featuring the leading suppliers of metal products in North America, the report includes those that manufacture, fabricate and sell to the glazing community.

Top Manufacturers

This report ranks North America’s largest residential window and door manufacturers, based on annual sales.


World of Glass Map Database

WoG_screenshot1 lets you explore the world of glass using an interactive map of global float glass manufacturers and North American glass fabricators.

Our interactive map identifies the dozens of manufacturers operating hundreds of float locations around the globe. The site also presents the locations of leading architectural glass fabricators serving the U.S. and Canadian markets, based on Glass Magazine’s annual Top Glass Fabricators list.

Users can download a database of float glass manufacturing companies and locations, and the Top Glass Fabricator database. Both databases include company name, website, address, and details about each facility. The fabricator database includes additional company contact information.

Additionally, users can subscribe to the site for regular email updates with important market news and information. NGA members receive free downloads.

Go beyond the published reports for the exclusive market information in our exclusive market reports.

Get more information about our market reports, published in Glass Magazine and Window & Door.