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Top Manufacturers

Window + Door’s annual Top Manufacturers list details North America’s largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors, skylights and related products, based on sales volume. It provides a reference guide to the largest window and door manufacturers and a picture of the current state of the North American fenestration industry.

See the most recent list of top manufacturers below, and visit to get more information, including product lines, market statistics and industry trends.

2020 Top Manufacturers

*Sales are estimated based on research; figures not provided by company

Andersen Windows & Doors
Bayport, Minn.

Product Lines: Wood, composite, vinyl-clad wood windows, aluminum and fiberglass windows, entry doors, and patio doors sold under the Andersen Windows and Doors, Renewal by Andersen, Heritage, MQ and Weiland brand names. 

Charlotte, N.C.

Product Lines: Wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows and patio doors; wood, steel and composite entry doors 

Brands include Aneeta Window Systems, Breezway, Dooria, Karona, LaCantina, Trend Windows and Doors, and VPI Quality Windows 

Marvin Windows and Doors*
Warroad, Minn.

Product Lines: Aluminum and fiberglass doors, wood and wood-clad windows and doors, fiberglass windows and doors, interior doors, impact-resistant windows and doors, impact-resistant garage doors,fiberglass skylights, aluminum and fiberglass Skycove units 

Subsidiaries include Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows, TruStile Doors, Tecton Products and SIW Windows & Doors

Tampa, Fla.

Product Lines: Interior solid, hollow and wood doors; exterior fiberglass, steel and wood doors 

Pella Corp.
Pella, Iowa

Product Lines: Wood windows and patio doors, vinyl windows and patio doors, fiberglass windows and patio doors, wood entry doors 

Subsidiaries include Riley Windows, Grabil Windows and Doors, Duratherm, CWS, Avanti, Bonelli andBonelli SE 

Ply Gem*
Cary, N.C.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows; vinyl, vinyl-clad wood, wood, aluminum-clad wood and aluminum patio doors. Sold under the Ply Gem, Atrium Windows & Doors,, Simonton Windows & Doors,, and Great Lakes Windows,, brand names. In Canada, Ply Gem’s subsidiary, Gienow Renovations,, manufactures vinyl, aluminum-clad vinyl and aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors, as well as fiberglass and steel entry doors 

Solaris International
Quebec, Canada 

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors, hybrid windows (aluminum exterior, PVC interior) 

Solaris’ parent company is Solaris Québec Portes et Fenêtres Inc. 

Velux USA*
Greenwood, S.C.

Product Lines: Residential skylights, tubular skylights, commercial dome skylights, structural framed skylights, barrel vault skylights, polycarbonate panels, modular commercial skylights, flashing systems, electronic controls and blinds

YKK AP America Inc.
Austell, Ga.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and sliding patio doors; metal curtain wall, storefronts and entrances; suncontrol products including sunshades, grilles and louvres; glass window walls, architectural windows and balcony doors 

Subsidiaries include Erie Architectural Products Inc. 

MI Windows and Doors
Gratz, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors 

Subsidiaries include Milgard Windows & Doors

PGT Innovations
North Venice, Fla.

Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows, sliding glass doors and French doors; aluminum entry doors; aluminum commercial storefront system; porch and patio enclosures; impact-resistant products 

Subsidiaries include CGI, PGT Custom Windows and Doors, WinDoor, Western Window Systems, Eze-Breeze, CGI Commercial, NewSouth Window Solutions 

Starline Windows
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Product Lines: Aluminum window wall, unitized curtain wall, patio doors, sliding sealing doors, patio doors and swing doors; vinyl windows, patio doors, sliding sealing doors, patio doors and swing doors; and entry doors 

Subsidiaries include Starline Installations Ltd. 

Therma-Tru Doors
Maumee, Ohio

Product Lines: Fiberglass and steel entry doors, hinged patio doors, fire-rated and impact-rated doors; entry door system components; door glass 

Therma-Tru’s parent organization is Fortune Brands Home Security. 

Harvey Building Products*
Waltham, Mass.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and doors; fiberglass entry doors; wood windows; storm windows; storm doors 

Subsidiaries include Soft-Lite Northeast Building Products and Thermo-Tech 

Woodgrain Millwork*
Fruitland, Idaho

Product Lines: Wood-clad, wood, aluminum-clad, composite and vinyl windows; wood-clad and vinyl patio doors; wood-clad, wood, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass entry doors via the Windsor Windows & Doors, Ashworth, and Monarch Windows and Doors brand names

Cincinnati, Ohio

Product Lines: Vinyl windows; steel and fiberglass entry doors; vinyl patio doors

Earthwise Group LLC
Liberty Township, Ohio

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors, multi-panel vinyl doors 
Subsidiaries include Advanced Window Products, American Window & Glass, D&W Windows, DasanGlass & Windows, Eastern Architectural Systems, Energy Shield Windows and Doors, EW7 Products, Home Guard Industries, JetAlum, Lindsay Window & Door, RJT Industries, Showcase Windows, Slocomb Windows and Doors, Sprouse Windows, Synergy Windows, Tri-State Wholesale, Vinylmax Windows, Western Window

Polaris Windows & Doors*
Austintown, Ohio

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors; steel and fiberglass entry doors 

Polaris is part of Modern Builders Supply. 

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Product Lines: Wood-clad and vinyl windows and patio doors; steel and fiberglass entry doors; aluminum storm doors and storm windows

Sierra Pacific Windows
Red Bluff, Calif.

Product Lines: Clad/wood windows, bi-fold windows, multi-slide windows, patio doors, bi-fold doors, multi-slide doors, lift and slide doors and pivot doors; all-wood windows, bi-fold windows, patio doors, bi-fold door; timber curtain wall systems; vinyl windows and patio doors 

Sierra is part of Sierra Pacific Industries. 

Steves & Sons Inc.*
San Antonio

Product Lines: Steel, fiberglass and wood entry doors; interior doors

Weather Shield Mfg.*
Medford, Wis.

Product Lines: Wood, aluminum clad wood, aluminum, vinyl clad wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and fiberglass- clad wood windows and patio doors

All Weather Windows
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Alside is a division of Associated Materials Inc. 

Atis Group Inc.*
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Product Lines: Wood, aluminum-clad and vinyl patio doors; steel and fiberglass entry doors; wood, vinyl,composite and aluminum windows 

Subsidiaries include LaFlamme Doors and Windows, Solarcan, ViMat Windows & Doors, Melco, VinylBilt,Allsco, Altek, and JM Ferron 

Boral Windows LLC*

Product Lines: Krestmark- Aluminum Series 100/175 Vinyl Series 200/275 Vinyl Casement Vinyl Series 400 Vinyl Impact Series Vinyl Replacement 220 Vinyl Patio Door Legacy- Vinyl Series 250 Vinyl Series 450/460 Vinyl Series 500 Vinyl Patio Door  Magnolia-  Vinyl Series 400 Vinyl Series 4000 Vinyl Series 500 Vinyl Series 5000 Vinyl Patio Door   

Cascade Windows
Spokane, Wash.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors, capstock windows and patio doors, aluminum patio doors, and multi-panel vinyl doors

Crystal Window & Door Systems
Flushing, N.Y.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and sliding patio doors; uPVC windows and sliding doors; and aluminum windows, sliding patio and swing terrace doors, and window wall systems 

Subsidiaries include Crystal California Window & Door Systems, Crystal Window & Door IllinoisManufacturing  (Crystal Chicago), Crystal Pennsylvania Window & Door Systems 

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co.*
Wausau, Wis.

Product Lines: Wood, vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors; wood and fiberglass entry doors

Los Angeles

Product Lines: Fiberglass entry doors, fire-rated and impact-rated doors, patio door systems, and decorative doorlites  

Subsidiaries include JM Eagle 

Quaker Windows and Doors
Freeburg, Mo.

Product Lines: Wood-clad, vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors 

The Window Designs Group
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Product Lines: Vinyl windows, patio doors and aluminum windows 

Subsidiaries include Performance Windows & Doors, The Vinyl Company, Aluminum Window Designs 

Renton, Wash. 

Product Lines: Interior doors; wood entry doors; decorative, textured and commodity doorlites 

Subsidiaries include CODEL Doors 

Air Master Windows and Doors
Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

Product Lines: Security windows and doors; entry doors; aluminum and glass windows and doors; glass railings; store fronts; skylights; shower enclosures 

Subsidiaries include Valmeg LLC 

International Window Corp.
Fullerton, Calif.

Product Lines: Vinyl window, sliding doors and hinged doors; acoustical sound windows; aluminum windows and doors; and aluminum multislide/pocket door systems 

Subsidiaries include Vista Security Screens, Precision Screens, International Window Northern CA 

Loewen Windows and Doors
Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

Product Lines: Wood, impact, copper and bronze-clad windows and doors; patio doors; multi-slide pocketing clad doors; multi-panel wood and clad doors; timber curtain wall

Simpson Door Co.
McCleary, Wash.

Product Lines: Wood and glass doors 

Sunrise Windows and Doors
Temperance, Mich.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Sunrise’s parent organization is The Riverside Company. 

Trinity Glass International
Federal Way, Wash.

Product Lines: Fiberglass entry doors; decorative wood interior doors; decorative glass; fiberglass patio doors; PVC components  

Subsidiaries include Signamark, Feather River Doors 

United Window & Door Mfg.
Springfield, N.J.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and doors

Wincore Windows and Doors
Parkersburg W.Va.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors; prefinished fiberglass entry doors and fiberglass impact-rated entry doors; vinyl impact windows and patio doors 

Anlin Window Systems
Clovis, Calif.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors

Arcadia Custom*
Tucson, Ariz.

Product Lines: Thermally broken stainless steel and aluminum windows and doors; wood windows and doors; and custom windows, doors, multi-slide doors, pivot doors and multi-fold doors 

Arcadia’s parent company is Arcadia Inc. 

Marietta, Ga.

Product Lines: Wood and vinyl windows; wood entry doors; custom millwork 

Durabuilt Windows & Doors
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and sliding patio doors, fiberglass entryways and swing patio doors

Candiac, Quebec, Canada

Product Lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows; vinyl patio doors; hybrid sliding doors; entry doors 

Subsidiaries include Les Fenêtres Lajeunesse 

Huntsville, Ala.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows, lift and slide patio doors 

KÖMMERLING is a profine Group company. 

LePage Millwork 
Quebec, Canada 

Product Lines: Wood and aluminum-clad windows and doors; vinyl windows and doors; hybridaluminum/vinyl windows; steel doors 

Lincoln Windows
Merrill, Wis.

Product Lines: Aluminum-clad, vinyl-clad, wood windows; aluminum-clad and wood patio doors; aluminum-clad multi-slide and pocketing patio doors 

Lux Windows and Glass Ltd.*
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Product Lines: Aluminum-clad, hybrid and vinyl windows; aluminum-clad and vinyl patio doors; hybrid sliding doors; fiberglass entry doors 

Thompson Creek Window Co.*
Lanham, Md.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors; steel and fiberglass entry doors

Viwinco Inc.
Morgantown, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows, patio doors and multi-slide doors

ViWinTech Window & Door Inc.
Paducah, Ky.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors

Vytex Windows
Laurel, Md.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors

Wallside Windows*
Taylor, Mich.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Window Mart
Royal, Ark.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Subsidiaries include Windows USA, WinTransport USA, WinServices 

Window Mart’s parent company is Big4 Companies. 

Croft LLC*
McComb, Miss.

Product Lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows and patio doors

Midway Windows & Doors

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Okna Windows Manufacturing*
Bristol, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl and composite windows and patio doo

Amerimax Windows & Doors*
Norcross, Ga.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors. 

ATI Windows*
Riverside, Calif.

Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows and doors 

Subsidiaries include ABC Window Systems 

Comfort View Products 
Newnan, Ga. 

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Frontline Building Products 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Product Lines: Aluminum-clad entry system, pre-clad door frame, patio door frame system, oversized direct set (wood/clad), wood/clad geometric windows, commercial doors 

Subsidiaries include FrontLine Building Products, Green Bay; Frontline Building Products, Medford; and Frontline Building Products, Merrill 

Frontline’s parent company is Bay Family of Companies. 

Gerkin Windows and Doors
South Sioux City, Neb.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors; aluminum windows and doors; storm doors 

GlassCraft Door Co. *

Product Lines: Fiberglass, steel and wood entry doors; interior rolling barn doors and hardware

Hayfield Window & Door Co.
Hayfield, Minn.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors  

Hayfield’s parent company is Drum Capital. 

Inline Fiberglass Ltd.*
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Product Lines: Fiberglass windows and patio doors

Mathews Brothers Co.
Belfast, Maine

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada

Product Lines: Steel and fiberglass entry doors; vinyl patio doors; door glass; vinyl frames; injection-molded frames; louvers 

Subsidiaries includes RSL Inc. 

NT Window Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas 

Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors; storm doors; sunrooms 

Stanley Doors*
Joubert, Montreal, Canada

Product Lines: Fiberglass and steel entry doors; patio doors 

Stanley Doors is a subsidiary of Dusco Doors

Thermal Windows Inc.
Tulsa, Okla.

Product Lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows and patio doors

Brea, Calif.

Product Lines: Vinyl window and doors 

Ideal Window
Bayonne, N.J.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Madero Doors & Hardware
Saskatoon, Calgary, Winnipeg

Product Lines: Wood, composite and steel entry doors; and interior doors 

Subsidiaries include Penner Doors & Hardware, Security Building Supplies, Two Six Creative andWestFour Distribution 

Madero’s parent company is the Westfour Group of Companies. 

Moss Supply Co.
Charlotte, N.C.

Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows; vinyl patio doors; impact windows 

North East Windows USA Inc./Quality Lineals USA Inc.
Merrick, N.Y.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Sun Windows Inc.
Owensboro, Ky.

Product Lines: Aluminum-clad wood and vinyl windows; clad multi-slide doors; clad bi-fold doors 

Taylor Entrance Systems
West Branch, Mich.

Product Lines: Fiberglass and steel entry doors 

Taylor’s parent company is Wausau Supply Co. 

The Coeur d’Alene Window Company
Spokane, Wash.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Subsidiaries include McVay Brothers Inc. 

Tru Tech Doors
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Product Lines: Steel and fiberglass entry doors; decorative door glass

Vector Windows
Fergus Falls, Minn.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Vinyl Kraft Inc.
New Boston, Ohio

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors

Altera Windows & Doors*
Fairfield, Calif.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Assura Windows and Doors
Pompano Beach, Fla.

Product Lines: Aluminum impact and non-impact windows and doors  

Assura Windows and Doors’ parent company is Amberley AWP Finance LLC. 

Gilkey Window*
Cincinnati, Ohio

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and doors; fiberglass windows and doors 

Interstate Window & Door Co.
Pittston, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors; composite windows and patio doors 

Interstate Window & Door’s parent company is Interstate Building Materials Inc. 

Kensington HPP Inc.
Vandergrift, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors; insulated glass

Solar Innovations Architectural Glazing Systems
Pine Grove, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl, wood and aluminum windows; clad windows, vinyl doors, wood doors, aluminum doors; clad doors; aluminum fixed and operable skylights; wood fixed and operable skylights; glazed aluminum structures; glazed wood structures; wood curtain walls; aluminum curtain walls; glass railings; pool houses; glass walkways 

Subsidiaries include IRT Reels and Universal Clamps 

All-Time Manufacturing 
Montville, Conn. 

Product Lines: Vinyl windows, storm windows, commercial aluminum windows, entry doors, patio doors 

Burris Windows
Carrollton, Texas

Product Lines: Vinyl windows and patio doors 

Everlast Group of Companies
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Product Lines: Aluminum and vinyl windows; aluminum and vinyl storm doors; wood, steel and fiberglass doors; aluminum and vinyl porch enclosures 

Subsidiaries include Napa Valley Doors 

Seaway Mfg. Corp.
Erie, Pa.

Product Lines: Vinyl windows, vinyl and aluminum patio doors; sunroom components 

Yawal USA 
Tenafly, N.J. 

Product Lines: Aluminum windows, doors and oversized slider products 

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