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Glass Informational Bulletins & Technical Papers

Technical Resources at Your Fingertips

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Explore our library of more than 80 Glass Technical Papers on glass and metal fabrication guidelines, installation best practices, and glass and glazing product applications. All documents are written by member volunteers participating in our committees.

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NGA's Glass Technical Papers by Topic

FM01-08 (2020) Approximate Weight of Architectural Flat Glass 

FB28-11 (2017) Assessing the Compatibility of Glazing Materials and Components

FB35-12 (2020) Bird-Friendly Glass Design Strategies

FB51-17 Building Envelope Commissioning 

FB36-12 Coastal Glazing and the Turtle Codes 

FB03-03 (2018) Construction Site Protection and Maintenance of Architectural Glass 

FM04-12 (2019) Daylighting 

FB15-07 (2016) Describing Architectural Glass Constructions 

FB41-14 (2019) Design Considerations for Use of Sealants/Adhesives with Coated Glass 

FB48-15 (2020) Effects of Moisture, Solvents and Other Substances on Laminated Glazing Edges 

FB05-04 (2017) Emergency Egress through Laminated Glazing Materials 

FB50-17 Energy Performance

FM02-07 (2017) Flat Glass Industry Standards 

FB17-08 (2013) Glossary of Terms for Color and Appearance 

FB54-17 Guidelines and Best Practices on how to Manage Color Variance of Decorative Glazing

FB27-11 (2015) Guidelines for the Appearance of Insulating Glass Unit Edges

TB-1601-95(14) Guidelines for Capillary Tubes 

FB19-08 (2020) Guidelines for Handling and Cleaning Decorative Glass

FB02-02 (2018) Heat-Treated Glass Surfaces Are Different 

FB59-18 Heat-treated Laminated Glass Exposed Edges 

FB24-09 (2019) Hurricane Product Substitution 

IN03-12 Key Elements of Fenestration System Shop Drawings 

FM03-10 (2017) LEED® Recycled Content for Glass  

FB11-06 (2020) Marking and Labeling of Architectural Laminated Glass 

FB25-09 (2017) Performance Criteria for Glazing Subjected to Seismic Events 

FB49-17 Performance Improvements in Insulating Glass Units

FB63-19 Products for Energy Applications 

FB01-00 (2016) Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products 

FM02-09 (2020) Protecting Glass Against Weld Splatter 

FB45-14 Recommended Applications for Heat-Treated Glass 

FB40-14 Recyclability of Architectural Glass Products 

FB38-14 The Reusability and Recyclability of Mirror Products

FB60-18 Understanding Reflected Solar Energy of Glazing Systems in Buildings 

IN04-14 (2020) Safety Guidelines for Deglazing Structural Silicone 

FB34-12 Screening Out Ultraviolet Radiation with Laminated Glass 

FB10-06 (2012) Skylights and Sloped Glazing are Not Walking Surfaces 

IN05-17 Overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

FB09-06 (2012) Suggested Procedures for Dealing with Broken Glass

ASTM Glass and Glazing Standards for the Building Industry

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